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30th July 2019

Hi folks,

Exciting announcements ahoy!

  • New books!

  • T-Shirts!

  • Zinis!

Most exciting things first. SoulMuppet Publishing are keen to create new books with new people. If you have an OSR/Sworddream-ish RPG system, adventure or toolkit that you think is cool and you want to see published beyond PoD on DriveThru, let me know at info@soulmuppet.co.uk and we can talk. I can handle things like printing, distribution, marketing, sourcing freelancers and the like, so you can focus on creating.

You will at very least walk away with some good advice on self publishing.

Let’s talk new books:

You’ve all been asking for a longer Best Left Buried adventure, and we’re bringing Beneath The Missing Sea to you. We’ve partnered with writer Sam Sleney (@samsleney), award winning writer of Sins RPG, who’s going to bring us a beautiful manuscript.

The adventure itself is set in a recently dried up inland sea, as Cryptdigger’s scramble in an adventuring gold-rush to uncover the riches of the seabed. We wanted to dig into the culture of Cryptdigging present in Best Left Buried, and provide an environment full of adventure. We’re going to be editing and laying out as we go, keeping everything as tight, well designed and information optimised as we can, making sure you have a product that is both beautiful and easy to use. Ben is providing art for this project, so expect wacky underwater monsters.

Expect to sea Beneath The Missing Sea on Kickstarter before the end of the year!

Next up is our first publishing collaboration: The Touch of the Beast, created by Roll4Tarrasque.

This Brazilian collective produced the widely acclaimed zine Bakto’s Terrifying Cuisine https://roll4tarrasque.itch.io/baktos-terrifying-cuisine and well as Mirror, Mirror, which was recently part of Exalted Funeral’s Free RPG Month.

The Touch of the Beast is an RPG adaptation of Beauty and the Beast that plays around with the characters and tropes associated with the story to give it a stronger weird/horror vibe. It’s a haunted mansion, fully mapped, and filled with horror encounters, statted for B/X D&D and other OSR equivalents.

The weird horror vibe means Ben got involved, which means the monsters got scary. Monsier Letemps is the image of of this update. and you can see Chandelier here on Zach’s Twitter page.

We’re planning to get The Touch of the Beast published and in bookstores by the time The Crypt Collection is ready to go, so you lovely Kickstarter backers should be able to pick up both books from the Melsonian Arts Council at the same time.

That leaves me and Sash (@sp1ritjam) working on something beautiful and unannounced.

In other news, we made a teespring store, so you can buy pictures of weird monsters and put them on a shirt:


The Octoclops and the Foot Monsters should be up at the minute, but we’re going to include more Best Left Buried monsters in the future. Let us know which of our monstrosities you want to wear on your body.

Finally, in more A Doom To Speak news: the Best Left Buried Zini Edition is fully laid out. It’s currently in the final stages of edits, so we’re hoping to get the PDF’s out to you by the end of the weekend!

As always, we’re making games and chatting on the discord, so head over and join us there: https://discord.gg/tkkhzGt If you have any questions, want your complimentary PDFs or some Best Left Buried books for a shop you run, drop us an email at info@soulmuppet.co.uk

Have a great summer!


Managing Partner

SoulMuppet Publishing

Updates - May 27th 2019

Thanks for tuning in!

It’s time for a longer discussion to talk about our products and the future of our brand:

UK Games Expo

Next weekend is UK Games Expo at the NEC in Birmingham from 31st May to 2nd June! We’re attending for all 3 days, and we’re there will be whole bunch of high quality print products. We’re launching two new books: The Doomsayer’s Guide to Horror and the Best Left Buried: Deluxe Edition, as well as bringing the newly reprinted and renamed Cryptdigger’s Guide to Survival. We’ve also got posters of some of your favourite art pieces and we’re bringing tons of zinis.

Our stand is 1-896, come find us and say hello.

The Books and What They Mean

We’ve launched a few products in the Best Left Buried range now, here’s what they all mean:

  • The Cryptdigger’s Guide to Survival: This is the game you know and love, containing the rules, character creation and monster creation rules traditionally found in Best Left Buried. We’ve cleaned up the layout and the formatting, then added a character sheet and a few new pages on Monster Moods and monster balancing. Think of this as the PHB for your BLB games.

  • The Doomsayer’s Guide to Survival: This is a book for the Doomsayer, containing lots of advice of creating dungeons, running games and telling stories. We’ve also added a sample adventure, Lord Edmund’s Barrow, some background about the canonical setting for BLB, The Thirteen Duchies of Lendal, and rules on treasure, experience and magic items. Think of this as the DMG for your BLB games.

  • Best Left Buried: Deluxe Edition: The contains everything from both of the other books, beautifully bound into a 150 page, hardback gloss covered monstrosity. We also threw in high level character advancements, random character generation and Demi-Human Archetypes for playing Dwarves, Elves and the Small Folk. If you can stomach how beautiful it is, this is the DMG + PHB package with everything you’ll need for the rest of your days.

New Books and Shipping

On June 1st, Exalted Funeral and Melsonian Arts Council pages will go live with pre-orders for:

  • The Cryptdigger’s Guide to Survival

  • The Doomsayer’s Guide to Survival

  • Best Left Buried: Deluxe Edition

Melsonian Arts Council products will be received this weekend, as I’m delivering the UK books by hand to Dan. The books for Exalted Funeral are being printed by a different company in the US, and they will be ordered soon.

If you aren’t at Expo, this is where to find our books.

PDF sales will also go live on DriveThru at the same time. If you want to buy these, you, but please remember you get free PDFs with physical books.

I repeat, If you buy a physical book, ever, I will send you a free PDF. If you tweet me, facebook me, ping me on discord, email me, use the website contact form, send me a raven or a feasting dream, write me a letter, etc., I will send you one.


We’re coming up on two weeks into the A Doom To Speak Kickstarter, and we’re 250% funded. This is amazing! I’m so happy to have unlocked the stretch goals we already have, and with more pledges we can push to unlock more zinis with even more awesome creators. I’m so excited to unlock the guest writers, like Zedeck Siew, Diogo Nogueira, Michael Lombardi and Mabel Harper. Even better, if we hit £4k, Saker Tarsos will provide 5e stats for every monster across all 14 zinis.

Finally, we’re so close to getting the Social Media Stretch Goal, where I’ll convert the basic rules for Best Left Buried into 5 double sided A4 zinis: Character Creation, Advancements, Playing The Game, Consequences, and Monsters. We’ll bundle this in with every pledge level of the Kickstarter, and we need less than 15 more retweets to push us over the line!!

Language and Some Changes

During the last around of edits, I’ve spoken to some members of the community regarding issues about some of the language used within the Best Left Buried books. In particular, some of the language used to describe mental illness and mentally ill people in the book has been highlighted to me as ableist.

As a result, the latest editing pass has removed this language from the book. There are lots of changes, most of them are very small and wouldn’t pass notice to most readers. The main different that you might notice is that Insanities have been renamed Afflictions. None of the game’s mechanics have changed at all, just instances of certain words which I have replaced with more appropriate alternatives.

Thank you all so much for your support over the last year. I can’t wait to announce for exciting products and partnerships, and continue to produce roleplaying games and supplements over the next few years.

Kind Regards,


Managing Partner

SoulMuppet Publishing

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