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PDFs are available at DriveThruRPG.
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Best Left buried: cryptdigger’s guide to survival

Best Left Buried is a fantasy horror game where the monsters are scary and the players are scared. Within the Crypt, adventurers will be beset by strange monsters, bizarre environments and eldritch magics, which will take them on their journey from fresh faced recruits to grizzled survivors.

Within its 60 pages, this book contains all the basic rules you need to run the game for both the players and the Doomsayer. Inside are the rules for making characters, as well as the monsters and magics used to challenge both their minds and bodies. For more detailed Doomsayer tips, see The Doomsayer’s Guide to Horror.


best left buried: doomsayer’s guide to horror

This companion book to the Cryptdigger’s Guide contains everything a Doomsayer needs. Within its 80 pages, it contains lots of advice of creating dungeons, running games and telling stories. We’ve also added a sample adventure, Lord Edmund’s Barrow, some background about the canonical setting for Best Left Buried, The Thirteen Duchies of Lendal, and rules on treasure, experience and magic items.

While the Doomsayer's Guide To Horror contains a huge amount of material for the aspiring Doomsayer, this book won't make too much sense to you unless you own a copy of The Cryptdigger's Guide to Survival.


best left buried: deluxe edition

This Deluxe Version of Best Left Buried has even more content for player and Doomsayers. As well as the player facing rules found in the Cryptdigger's Guide to Survival, it also contains Doomsayer advice, powerful character Advancements, a sample Crypt for use in your campaign, Non-Human Archetypes and random character generation. This 152 page book is all bound up in a glossy, hardback tome that would look beautiful on anyone’s coffee table.

Best Left Buried: Deluxe Edition is available now in print form from our distributors, and in PDF form on DriveThruRPG.


Best Left buried: A doom to speak zini bundle

Funded through our debut Kickstarter campaign, this zini bundle brings together the complete collection of one page dungeons created by the SoulMuppet team and various guest writers. Designed to be concise, lightweight and easy to just pick up and play, these adventures can be used with the Best Left Buried system or adapted easily to any other RPG.

Featuring adventures such as The Seacaves of the Octoclops, The Ravines of Karn, Lair of the Scorpion Masters and White Hair, and bringing together the artistic talents of Ben Brown with writers such as Zachary Cox, Sash Steele, Michael Lombardi, Zedeck Siew and more.

Edited by Fiona Geist and Jarrett Crader.

Best Left buried: the zini edition

This collection of five zinis covers the following topics in a new, ultra lightweight format to minimise page flipping and act as the perfect reference document:

  • Character Creation

  • Advancements

  • Playing The Game

  • Consequences

  • Monsters

This version of the game is designed to be printed at home, so you can turn up to game night without requiring a book. They can also be given to new players, so they know what they need to know, when they need to know it.

best left buried: darkling Seas of the islesmere

Another Best Left Buried adventure, this time written in collaboration with Nick Spence. Featuring islands filled with terrifying things, brought to life by the creepy and iconic art of Ben Brown. If you’re on the lookout for another adventure to run, more spooky inspiration and even more things to scare your players with, this is the product for you.

Out of the ragged edge of the world, civilisation runs thin, overshadowed by the desolate ruins of what came before. Thin, cold, and dead. But dead doesn't always mean gone forever. Sometimes the old stories are more true that anyone thought, brighter, darker, and about to tear their way back into the world..."


Best left Buried: beneath the missing sea

You asked for a longer Best Left Buried adventure, and we’re about to deliver. Beneath the Missing Sea is set in a recently dried up inland sea, where Cryptdiggers scramble in an adventuring gold-rush to uncover the riches of the seabed. Building on the cryptdigging culture and lore of Best Left Buried, this adventure written by Sam Sleney gives you more fantasy horror, this time with a nautical twist.

This product isn’t available yet, but keep a look out for our Kickstarter launch towards the end of 2019!

The weird of the wode

Re-released in a fancy new second edition with revised text, layout and art, this system-neutral monster manual contains tons of creepy ideas, all ready for you to drag and drop into your own campaign. Step into the Linwode, a mystical forest filled with warrior elves, vengeful spirits, wandering trees and old gods.

Unrelated to Best Left Buried, but still delivering that fantasy-horror vibe that is synonymous with the SoulMuppet label.

Written by Zachary Cox and illustrated by Sash Steele.

the touch of the beast

SoulMuppet Publishing presents a collaboration with Roll4Tarrasque, the creative team behind such titles as Bakto’s Terrifying Cuisine and Mirror. Mirror.

The Touch of the Beast is an RPG adaptation of Beauty and the Beast that takes familiar characters and settings and gives them a creepy twist. It’s a haunted mansion, fully mapped, and filled with horror encounters, statted for B/X D&D and other OSR equivalents.

Coming at the end of 2019 - Watch this space!