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Zach - Founder, Head Writer, Game Designer
Zach created SoulMuppet Publishing after falling in love with roleplaying games, particularly the ‘old school revolution’ style of gaming. He is the writer behind Weird of the Wode and Best Left Buried, as well as upcoming novel The Last Errant. Zach can be found on Twitter, where he’s usually talking about RPGs under the handle @JellyMuppet.

Sash - Art Director, Artist, Writer
Sash quickly got swept up into roleplaying games when they realised it perfectly combined their love of creativity, fantasy and improv comedy. They write reviews of small press products, make illustrations and lend their expertise on various ad hoc projects. They can be found on Twitter or Instagram on @sp1ritjam.

Ben - Illustrator
Ben Brown is an artist based in Nottingham and Cambridge. As well as illustrating the disturbed characters and vicious, cold-eyed monsters that stalk the darkest recesses of the earth, he also enjoys making political cartoons. Keep up with Ben’s art on Twitter @IllustratorBB.